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2020-05-30 / Azure, Networks

Azure Firewall May 2020 updates

Reading Time: < 1 minute Two new key features are now available in Azure Firewall, forced tunneling and SQL FQDN filtering. Additionally, the limit for multiple public IP addresses is increasing from 100 to 250 for both DNAT and SNAT.
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2020-05-30 / Data Platform

Azure Databases extension for Visual Studio Code

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Azure Cosmos DB extension for Visual Studio Code is now gaining support for Azure PostgreSQL, and with the occasion is being renamed Azure Databases.
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2020-05-29 / SQL Server

New CU for SQL Server 2016 SP2

Reading Time: < 1 minute On May 28th, Microsoft released the latest Cumulative Update (CU13) targeting SQL Server 2016 SP2. Download today and test your solution with the latest CU.
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