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It looks like March will go out with a bang for us SQL perf-geeks!

Register and tune-in any or all of the great 1-hour content from great speakers like Bob Ward (twitter), Glenn Berry (twitter), Allen White (twitter) and other MVPs and professionals!

Check the schedule below:

  • Bob Ward
    Getting started with Performance Monitoring in Azure SQL
  • Mark Van de Wiel
    Data Integration onto Azure: Three Tips to Consider
  • Glenn Berry
    Hardware 301: Evaluating and Choosing Database Hardware for SQL Server 2019
  • Thomas Leblanc
    Query Store: An Introduction
  • Allen White
    Maintain SQL Server Performance Baseline with PowerShell
  • Vern Rabe
    T-SQL Performance Troubleshooting
  • Taiob Ali
    Azure SQL Database – Where is My SQL Agent?

So, are you still reading this? If you are, click here to register! 😉