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Don’t forget to tune-in for the PASS Marathon today at 18:00 UTC regarding performance monitoring. The downside is that for us located in this part of the world is going to get quite late 🙂

Some of the most world-renowned speakers are in the schedule and ready to share insights on performance tuning, monitoring, and hardware.

Check out the agenda below and register if not already!


Session 01: Data Integration onto Azure: Three Tips to Consider18:00 UTC
Presenter: Mark Van de Wiel
Session 02: Getting Started with Performance Monitoring in Azure SQL19:00 UTC
Presenter: Bob Ward
Session 03: Hardware 301: Evaluating and Choosing Database Hardware for SQL Server 201920:00 UTC
Presenter: Glenn Berry
Session 04: Query Store: An Introduction21:00 UTC
Presenter: Thomas LeBlanc
Session 05: Maintain SQL Server Performance Baseline with PowerShell22:00 UTC
Presenter: Allen White
Session 06: T-SQL Performance Troubleshooting23:00 UTC
Presenter: Vern Rabe
Session 07: Azure SQL Database – Where is my SQL Agent?00:00 UTC
Presenter: Taiob Ali

Register for the event here.