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Yesterday, April 27th, Microsoft released the latest version 1.17.0 of Azure Data Studio.

Try it for you daily Ops!

Azure Data Studio is another* cross-platform tool that runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

*: along with PowerShell and Azure CLI from the tools that I know of and work with.

In this release:

Improved welcome pageUI update on the welcome page to make it easier to see common actions and highlighting extensions.
New notebook features• Added Markdown toolbar when editing text cells to help write with Markdown
• Revamped Jupyter Books viewlet to become a Notebooks viewlet where you can manage Jupyter Books and notebooks together
• Added support for persisting charts when saving a notebook
• Added support for KQL magic in Python notebooks
Improved dashboardsDashboards throughout Azure Data Studio have been updated with latest design patterns, including an actions toolbar. This also applies to many extensions.
Added Cloud Shell integration in the Azure view
Support for Always Encrypted and Always Encrypted with secure enclaves
Resolved bugs and issuesFor a complete list of fixes see Bugs and issues, on GitHub.

Download the latest release from here.