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DevOps has hands-down won the development front when it comes to moving fast and delivering high-quality code in smaller chunks and iterations. Some years ago if you were going to an IT pro asking him to work on tools such as Visual Studio or VS Code for delivering the needed infrastructure they would look at you like an alien. Nowadays, this is the goto tool when you are an IT Ops guy working in a fast-paced environment and you want to automate things and deliver consistent output with minimal human intervention. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is here to stay, but that’s another discussion.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery is a major part of DevOps, and setting up a full CI/CD pipeline can be quite a complex, Microsoft has released a new version for a VS Code extension called “Deploy to Azure” that creates a CI/CD pipeline, for you the developer, without having to leave the editor at all!

In this release, the extension works with GitHub Actions and Azure Pipelines. This will be expanded in the future to other Git repositories as well.

Using the extension you can deploy from a local repo, Azure Repo or GitHub directly to Azure. In each code push, a YAML file is produced that can work either in GitHub or Azure Pipelines. This file is pre-populated with the build and release tasks needed that can also be edited by the developer. In the same workflow, the configuration for Azure is also added so you don’t have to worry about the underlying plumbings.