Windows Terminal is out of preview. Get v1.0 now

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Windows Terminal v.1.0 is out! Personally I used (and still do) to work with Cmder but I’ve been using it for some time now, in my daily routine, and work side-by-side with Windows Terminal. Quite flexible with nice UI. Deeper integration with the underlying OS and quite a customization you can do to make it more personal.

There are blogs from two people who blog about it a lot: Scott Hanselmann and Thomas Maurer. Google and find the most recent ones on how to go about it.

Get it from the Windows Store or download and install it manually from the Releases in GitHub.

Note: If you install Terminal manually:

If you are Chocolatey fan, you can -unofficially- install it using the following command:

choco install microsoft-windows-terminal

or you can upgrade to the latest one with:

choco upgrade microsoft-windows-terminal

Further resources

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