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Azure Shared Disks is quite huge! It’s been a service that has been long-awaited and it will simplify cluster and other infrastructure movements from on-prem to Azure. This feature allows a single Premium or Ultra Disk to be attached at more than 1 (one) VM at the same time! It will also make things easier on native Azure environments for deployments that need clustered databases i.e. SQL FCI, parallel file systems, containers, machine learning, etc.

It is available for both Windows and Linux systems.

Get more on the Azure Disk documentation or visit the Azure Disk FAQ.

Microsoft improved availability guarantees with single VM SLA for Standard SSD and Standard HDD

To strengthen the availability guarantee of Azure IaaS VMs, Microsoft is extending the single-instance VM SLA to all disk types including Standard SSD and Standard HDD. Previously, 99.9 percent SLA was offered for single-instance VMs using Premium SSD and Ultra Disks.

Now the offer goes to SLA of 99.5 percent for single-instance VMs using Standard SSD and an SLA of 95 percent for single-instance VMs using Standard HDD, improving Microsoft’s availability guarantee to cover all single-instance VMs. With this SLA update, Azure provides an industry-leading availability guarantee for VMs leveraging SSD disk options in production.

Learn more on this announcement here.