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Microsoft recalls CU 7 for SQL Server 2019

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Microsoft is recalling CU7 for SQL 2019 because of a known reliability issue with the database snapshot feature.

If you haven’t installed it yet, it is advised not to install it, even if you don’t make use of this feature, as DBCC CHECKDB also uses it. Instead wait for the CU 8 which is scheduled for the week of October-12.

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Creating a SQL Login with SQL Server Availability Groups

Reading Time: 2 minutes Well, we always say that is not good to use SQL Server logins and is best to enable only Windows Authentication mode on the SQL Server instance as a best practice. It seems that although it *is* a good practice if you are running a native Windows environment, it also makes your life easier if you have an Availability Group deployment in your hands, as you will see.

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Constrained vCPU capable Azure VMs

Reading Time: 2 minutes This offering of constrained vCPU capable VMs has been around for quite a while in Azure. Use it for your SQL Server or Oracle servers that are not CPU intensive but need the rest of the resources RAM, IO, network to be of a larger VM but with a lower price because of fewer cores to license.

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My presentation from the MCT virtual event on how to profile your SQL Server

Reading Time: < 1 minute Today I had the opportunity to share my experience with the community in a virtual event organized from our local MCT Group, namely the Greek MCTs. Check the deck and the recording from the session.

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