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My session recording from Cloud Experts community event on DP-900 exam prep

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On March 24th, the Cloud Experts community group held an event with multiple tracks for the Greeks, Cyprus, and Malta audience that it covers.

I had the pleasure to talk about the Azure Database Fundamentals exam, DP-900.

Here is the session recording, albeit in Greek.

YouTube player

Please make sure that you check the official page for DP-900 exam and go through the learning paths for a good walkthrough of the features and specifics before you try it.

There are 4 learning paths:

  1. Azure Data Fundamentals: Explore core data concepts
  2. Azure Data Fundamentals: Explore relational data in Azure
  3. Azure Data Fundamentals: Explore non-relational data in Azure
  4. Azure Data Fundamentals: Explore modern data warehouse analytics in Azure

Hope you enjoy and find value in it 🙂


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