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I had an amazing time at the Global Azure Greece event that took place physically after almost 3 years! I met once again with good friends and colleagues and I met new and interesting people who joined my session, and we had some nice offline conversations! If you are reading this and you were in the room, thanks for coming and attending my session. Really appreciated it!

Armed (with knowledge) and ready to deliver!

My session was around Azure SQL security capabilities and recommended practices. Explained the reason why we should think about security on multiple layers (Defense in Depth) and why to consider applying always the principle of least of privilege in terms of authorization on resources and data.

“Dreaming” of a secure Azure SQL environment 😛


Below is the presentation deck from that session (it might need some seconds to load).

Check out the list of links on slide 13 or visit directly the URL at

Global Azure MTT Special Edition

I had the honor to prepare something also for the Microsoft Technical Trainer edition of Global Azure and my dear colleagues post it on YouTube.

Hope you enjoy the session, it’s in English, and I have also demos.

YouTube player

In case your browser does not show the embedded video check it directly on YouTube by clicking here.

On the side

We loved the pizza buffet! Awesome choice of pizzas!

the lunch buffet was epic! \m/

Really enjoyed the event and the rest of the sessions from my fellow community friends. I want to thank once again the Global Azure Greece UG for the whole day and for giving me the opportunity to speak at the event. See you all next year!