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I will be speaking at Global Azure 2021, the Greek community edition, tomorrow April 17 @ 14:00 (that is UTC+3)

So, excited because I will be doing a “chalk and talk”, alas a whiteboard version of it. This means I will be discussing about hybrid architecture and how to take a traditional on-prem organization and bring it to the cloud era on Microsoft Azure, by sketching doodles around! Just love it!

Although it is right on lunch-time, I urge you to get your dish and join me in this 30-minute session packed with insights on the matter!

We may also have a guest presenter… so do not miss out!

my session on Global Azure schedule


Join your Global Azure community tomorrow! Many friends and colleagues will be talking and explaining things for you.

Click on and at the time of the event, click the “join session” button that will be visible then!

Wish you have a great event-day!