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On April 6, Microsoft released Cumulative Update 10 (KB5001090) for SQL Server 2019 running on Linux and Windows.

The CU affects both the SQL Server Engine as well as the Analysis Services.

Below the table with the new product versions after applying the latest CU:

ComponentProduct versionFile version
SQL Server15.0.4123.12019.150.4123.1
Analysis Services15.0.34.322018.150.34.32

Note: Because of the changes related to Scalar UDF Inlining that were made in Cumulative Update 9 (CU9) for Microsoft SQL Server 2019, a defect was introduced with the CU 9 and CU 10 updates in which an access violation can occur when an object invokes a scalar inlineable UDF (UDF1) with a scalar inlineable UDF (UDF2) that’s used as an input parameter:



A fix will be provided in a future cumulative update. For mitigation, disable Scalar UDF inlining by using either of the following options:
Change the definition of UDF2 by adding WITH INLINE = OFF to the definition.

Disable inlining on the database by using:

For examples of disabling Scalar UDF inlining, see disabling Scalar UDF Inlining without changing compatibility level.

Download the CU from this direct download link at the Microsoft download center.

You can read more on the release and the multiple fixes that it brings with it by visiting this link KB5001090 – Cumulative Update 10 for SQL Server 2019.

You can read if CU or GDR is the choice for you by reading the post SQL Server patching: GDR vs CU.

As always, test before applying to production instances.

Happy patching!