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It’s been almost 5 days since the event has ended and I really needed a break to recover from the endless hours in organizing the event, along with the rest of the gang on the organizing committee.

Overall I do believe, and from the feedback of the people in the other communities, on social media and personal communications, that the event had a huge success and it was a big hit for the community. It was the first time that this event had so much broad audience from so many countries around the globe and so many foreign speakers as well. It was awesome! So uplifting and very gratifying for the soul 🙂

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Kudos to everyone!

The communities

It was also a landmark for getting connected with more than 10 big communities in the event, a thing that I see only flouring in the future! Awesome and thank you guys, also!

The session

I really enjoyed preparing and delivering my session, I hope that the people attending also enjoyed it, and if you have a question you can always drop me a line here or comment below!

Without further delays, below my session. Hope you enjoy it and please DO leave a comment below if you like it or not and subscribe also to my YouTube channel.

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Spread the word!

IT PRO | DEV Connections has also posted all the session recordings and you can find them on our IT PRO | DEV Connections YouTube channel.

Happy viewing!