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Premium tier for Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) complements the existing hot, cool, and archive tiers for ADLS.  You can now take advantage of the lower storage latencies offered by this new performance tier and additionally get cost savings for workloads that are transaction heavy.

Premium tier performs well for interactive queries and workloads where response times are critical, as workloads can now have near real-time access to large volumes of data. 

Customers have also found the Premium tier useful for scaling their data processing pipelines and speeding up their ETL pipelines. Machine Learning workloads should also benefit from the low I/O latency offered by the Premium tier to reduce training time and compute costs, while read-heavy workloads or workloads that have small-sized transactions can see performance improvements by using this new tier.

The premium performance tier has a higher storage cost but a lower transaction cost as compared to the standard performance tier. If your applications and workloads execute a large number of transactions, the premium performance tier can be cost-effective.

The Premium tier is available in these regions.  Please refer to the Premium tier for ADLS documentation and visit the pricing page for more information.