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It’s been some years now since the last event of the biggest IT Pro and Developer community conference in Greece took place. There are a few reasons for that but this does not matter anymore as we are proud to bring it back to life and this time in a virtual form!


More than 100 speakers with real-world experience and from different backgrounds as well as from different parts of the world (yes, we’ve grown outside of our country’s borders) are taking part in this and all for the communities of ITPRO|DEV Connections and their members!

This year, more communities take part than any other past event and that is a great momentum for the event that indicates a strong and binding commitment to the community and also its members!

Thanks to our sponsors for making this a reality!

OH: this year the event is for free! 😉

The event tracks

It will be 2 full days with parallel tracks running from ~10am to ~6pm (local time, that is GMT+2) and it will cover the following categories (in alphabetical order):

  • AI & ML
  • Data & Analytics
  • Development
  • DevOps
  • Infrastructure
  • Learning & Certification
  • Modern Workspace
  • Networks & Security
  • Project Management

All sessions are 45 minute long.

Register and reserve your seat TODAY!

The event details

We have created the event on a platform that will have all the amenities of a normal conference, like sponsor booths, networking groups for 1-to-1 messaging and video calls, session evaluations, and of course a way to build your own personal schedule for your favorite sessions!

OH: There will be giveaways to all who register for the event with freebies and a very shiny backpack!
Hint: don’t missout to fill your shipping data and the t-shirt size for getting the giveaways
Note: for abroad registrants, we cannot promise free delivery.

The event comes with a very handy mobile app that you get to build your schedule and give session feedback and more. So make sure that you download the app and configure it with the 4-digit code that corresponds to our event. All this information is in the registration confirmation email!

Also, this year is going to be delivered in 2 languages, so make sure you check the session tags for the tag “Lang: EL” or “Lang: EN” in a blue-ish color.

Since we are in the tags area, there are mainly 4 different colors for tags:

  • Dark blue: Session track
  • Magenta: Session tags
  • Light green: Session level
  • Light blue: Session language

I’m speaking!

Apart from being in the organizing team, I also have a slot that I will talk about the different data services you can leverage on Microsoft Azure to build the right architecture for your solution needs.

The session is called “Microsoft Azure Architect: Designing a database strategy for the cloud” and is on Sunday, 13th at 1 pm (GMT+2). This session has content also towards the Microsoft exam AZ-303. Hope you drop by 🙂

Call for action!

So, what are you waiting for?

Go and register for the event and have a look at the schedule and prepare your agenda!

And don’t forget to use the official hashtag of the event in any of your posts!