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It’s been some days now that we were having trouble putting the Update Management to work on a new deployment. It all seems to be in order, yet the Update Management does not seem to populate any VM with any update status. This was not so evident to troubleshoot as you will see.

No permission issues, no automation account issues, no log analytics workspace issues and yet nothing.

Talking with Microsoft Support we were given a pointer as to where the problem could be, a feature still in Preview that is enabled by default. Tadaaa!

Let’s see where is that: Automation Account –> Linked workspace –> Go to workspace

Locate your automation account and then open the linked workspace

Then once you get to the workspace that is dealing with your Update Management setup you can search for “Solutions” or you can just scroll down and find it under the section “General”.

Locate the solution for the Update Management

Once you click on the solution that related to the Update Management you are taken to the “Solutions” area. There under the “Workspace Data Sources”, you will find the “Solution Targeting (Preview)”.


By removing the scope configuration for the solution ALL the VMs that are part of that workspace will be part of the Update Management. If you do not want that, try to find a workaround until this comes in GA.

Remove scope configuration but take care for the warning above

After doing so, the Update Management started populating information from all the VMs in that workspace. Now my teammate can take care of the rest.

Hope this helps if you encounter the same issues, at least until this goes GA. The feedback for this case went to the developers dealing with this feature in the Azure team, and I’m pretty confident they will fix it.