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New capabilities for Resource Manager templates are now available to help address some key challenges.  These new capabilities range from making it easier to author a Resource Manager template through a new VSCode extension, to performing what-if analysis to understand changes before templates are deployed. They also include deployment scripts, provision management groups, and subscriptions at scale.

The new Template Specs will, at some point when gaining enough parity, replace(?) Azure Blueprints, but there will be a migration method from Azure Blueprints to ARM Template Specs, which will be a part of Azure. An ARM Template Spec will have a resource Id that can be referenced from a normal ARM Template as a normal resource for deployment. This is currently in private preview.

Deploying a Template Spec

There will also be a change in the language of ARM Templates from JSON to something else, not disclosed, but it will not be YAML as clearly stated by the Program Managers in #MSBuild. There is an in-depth session on this in MSBuild (COM134)

Check the links below for further details on the above: