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I really enjoyed the whole process of presenting and speaking for this year’s Global Azure 2020 Greece virtual edition. I think this was a great opportunity, no matter the distance, to join-in and learn new staff!

I had a fantastic time presenting my session today regarding Azure RM Templates using VS Code and PowerShell. I want to take the opportunity and thank all of you who attended the session.

I had a lot of fun while building up the session material and as always I became a better professional by learning deeper and exploring the latest features while at it.

I have to say that from time-to-time I found myself a bit strained, I pulled a couple of late-night-morning work, nonetheless, the delivery was so much rewarding!

I hope you enjoyed it, and please feel free to share or use the material so as to share knowledge and why not improve it! 😉

Below the recorded session in Greek

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Demo content (ARM Templates & PowerShell scripts) can be found on my repo GitHub.

Use comments below or the contact contact form for any question.