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Today I had the opportunity to share my experience with the community in a virtual event organized from our local MCT Group, namely the Greek MCTs.

I had a great time and I hope that the participants also enjoyed my session.

Below you will find the deck from my presentation as well as the recording, to view at your own time. I hope you find it informative as well as practical for your everyday work.

As always, leave comments and/or questions below!

Below the recording of the session (I will add subtitles for my English-speaking friends)

YouTube player

The URLs from the “References” section of the deck:

  • NTttcp Utility: Profile & Measure Windows Networking Performance link
  • DiskSpd Storage Performance Tool link
  • SQL WAITS script by Paul S. Randal link
  • SQL Server Diagnostic Information Queries by Glenn Berry link
  • Database maintenance solution by Ola Hallengren link
  • My demo scripts link


Edit 08/04/2020:
Changed my GitHub username from “BullGR” to “SQLtattoo” to be consistent across my social media accounts. So, please check the link again to get the new repo location in sync if you have cloned it.
More help on this here.