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Azure Network Watcher is a great tool to identify any bottlenecks or issues in your Azure network and you can use it to report any anomalies in your environment.

The thing is that you needed more than one tool to have around to check your infrastructure across cloud platforms and on-premises environments.

The new Connection Monitor of Azure Network Watcher provides end-to-end unified monitoring between Azure regions, hybrid scenarios, and multi-cloud scenarios!

It is still in Preview phase (this means it’s also free for now) but you can start working with it today!


The good thing is that all this information gathered from the different monitoring endpoints (Azure or on-prem) end-up in either Azure Monitor Metrics or Log Analytics Workspace that you can afterward drill-in to check for periodic performance and/or deterioration and apply alerts to react faster and more precise.

From one single console, you can create test groups that make more sense to your business operations and monitor any Azure or non-Azure VM from that single management and monitoring point. For example, you can check for latency between regions or between an Azure region and your on-prem server that hosts an app that is reachable from an Azure endpoint.


There are also other benefits in this new preview release of Connection Monitor v2.0:

  • Higher and more configurable probes
  • Broader support for more protocols
  • Automation through PowerShell and CLI

Check out the documentation here and starting monitoring your stuff today!