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Have you ever wondered what is the latency between Azure regions? Well, I have and I thought to share it with you.

Microsoft Azure boasts 58 regions worldwide (at the time of writing) including 4 regions announced (Mexico Central, Spain Central, Israel Central, and Qatar Central) and 2 undisclosed Azure Goverment Secret regions. This network spans in 140 countries which you can see on a map here.

My curiosity was fed from a thought on deploying an Azure PaaS service, which is not geo-aware. Why would I do that? I won’t… yet. As I said, just a thought. In case I went forward, what would that mean in latency if other services i.e. a web request from another region tries to query that endpoint. I’m talking about Azure AD DS, a managed (=PaaS) way of providing the features of Windows AD DS on Azure. But I will make that item another blog post with details and an in depth look.

Azure collects this information by probing the datacenter core service with internal monitor tools as well as 3rd part tools and platforms so that an objective result may be drawn.

This is reported every month. Below the February 2020 measurements.


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