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I just submitted my session for this year’s Azure event “Global Azure 2020” happening in Athens, Greece. I’m a bit stressed since this is my session after many years but also excited as I will be speaking on a subject that touches my two most favorite subjects and that is SQL and Azure.

This time I will be focusing on SQL Server FCI deployed on Azure Shared Disks, a new feature of Microsoft Azure currently in Preview. It will be a practical guide on how to implement such a solution and I hope it will be fun for everyone.

Don’t forget to check the event news and register!

You can find more here about the event. (check the edits below)

See you there!

Edit: Mar 2020
Since then Coronavirus has become a pandemic the physical event of that time was canceled.

Edit: Apr 2020
A new Global Azure 2020 event is happening and this time is virtual! Take a look in this post here.