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Hey, I’m Vassilis Ioannidis and I’ve been in the IT Pro sector since the mid-90s. I graduated and started out my career as a software developer and then turned to Microsoft SQL Server and eventually embraced the cloud and more specifically Microsoft Azure. Data platform (SQL Server) along with the cloud landscape (Microsoft Azure) is a combination that I truly enjoy working on. Although cloud is awesome, and with endless possibilities, we live in a true hybrid world with many challenges as well as many opportunities. Hybrid, in my opinion, is -currently- the way forward.

June 2021, update: In June, I started working for Microsoft in the role of Microsoft Technical Trainer! Although I’m still onboarding, I’m really excited to get to know the culture and the philosophy of the organization.

This is a true milestone in my professional career.

Honored and humbled.

Stay tuned for stories from my journey at Microsoft 😉

July 2022, update: What an amazing year it has been, I learned a lot, and I’m really lucky to work amongst such awesome minds and kind people. The company culture is great and is really energizing to see the passion from all the people as well as the senior leadership team. Here’s to many more!

Before Microsoft-era

In my last position, I worked for a multinational software company, based in Munich, with offices that span around the globe. That gave me the benefit of cross-cultural collaboration as well as the different magnitude of project sizes. I have focused more and more on bringing the on-prem experience and knowledge to the Microsoft Azure platform. Most of my time, I devoted to architecting solutions on-prem and/or on the Azure cloud and also deploying these solutions in a secure and scalable manner while trying to keep the costs down. A very challenging environment, full of opportunities for new knowledge gain which in turn I tried to pass on either through my blog/social media and/or through public speaking in community events as well as internal corporate training.


Been a Microsoft Certified Trainer for over a decade and really love to train and teach other IT Pros or people in general who are open to learning. Enjoy discussing and arguing about technology and the benefits it can bring to our lives. I got my first MCP back in 2000 and try to keep up ever since. I believe that one who embarks on the trip of learning and certifying will find it fulfilling and also rewarding.


azure security engineer associate badgesecurity-operations-analyst-associatemicrosoft-certified-azure-administrator-associate-az-104


for a detailed transcript send me a message by clicking this link here.

Have a look at my Credly page for all the badges I collect 🙂

I’ve been an occasional speaker in various technology conferences as well as volunteered at numerous events, local and international, as an Expert or an Ambassador but mostly focused on the Microsoft technology landscape.

Me at the .Net Rocks event, at the Microsoft Ask the Experts booth, back in the early 00's Lab Proctor at the Barcelona Tech Ed event back in the mid 00's Speaking at a community ITPRO|Dev Connections event Me speaking at GAB 2022 event


Giving back to the community and interacting with community members is something that I enjoy and find very rewarding in terms of experience gain and sharing as well as social networking.

In October 2020, another community surfaced in order to help all Greek, Cyprus, and Malta ITPro, Developers, and Business users to skill up their knowledge and port it to Azure cloud. It is a very inspiring initiative to aid the process of modernizing apps and infrastructure as well as mindsets.

I’m proud to be a community leader in this initiative and I urge you, if you are in any of the above-mentioned countries, to join us here Microsoft Certified Professionals | GR CY MT.

Communities I co-moderate and/or contribute to (alphabetical order):

I urge you to follow any or all of these communities for great insight into cloud technologies and the data platform.


Love to spend time with my son and my family and to read all sorts of books with a focus on philosophy, history, and cosmology not in that specific order, although I’m a big fan of ancient philosophy and specifically Stoicism. I hope I will be able to share my thoughts on this in the future.

I enjoy a lot traveling the open roads, along with my better half, and hope to keep doing for a long time to come.

My Harley Davidson(photo from a trip to Elafonissos, Greece)

Addictions? Coffee!! 🙂
I could work for coffee and bandwidth… but I choose not to. Somebody’s got to pay the bills. Right?


I’m pretty social and you can get hold of me on my contact-me page or via the social media links at the footer of the site.

Thanks for reading this! Keep in touch and take care 😉

Don’t forget, although cloud is truly awesome we live in a hybrid world.

Vassilis Ioannidis