SQL Server 2022 is now GA

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In case you missed this, SQL Server 2022 went GA (generally available) on November 16. That is really exciting news as this SQL Server version brings a lot to the table of the DBA as well as to the overall platform as is the most Azure-enabled SQL Server version yet, with continued innovation in security, availability, and performance.

Below are some parts of the announcement that Rohan Kumar – Microsoft CVP, Azure Data.

SQL Server 2022 seamlessly integrates operational databases, analytics, and data governance. This enables customers to adapt in real-time, add layers of intelligence to their applications, unlock fast and predictive insights, and govern their data—wherever it resides.

Azure Synapse Link and Microsoft Purview make it easier for customers to drive deeper insights, predictions, and governance from their data at scale. Azure integration also includes managed disaster recovery (DR) to Azure SQL Managed Instance, along with near real-time analytics, allowing database administrators to manage their data estates with greater flexibility and minimal impact on the end user.

Performance and scalability are automatically enhanced via built-in query intelligence. Security innovation, building on SQL Server’s track record as being the least vulnerable database over the last 10 years, continues with Ledger for SQL Server, which uses blockchain to create a tamper-proof track record of the time of all changes to the database

SQL Server continues to offer differentiated performance, with #1 OLTP performance, #1 Non-Clustered DW performance on 1TB, 3TB, 10TB, and 30TB according to the independent Transaction Processing Performance Council.

Learn more and get started with SQL Server 2022 today

Find the whole blog post announcement by clicking this link SQL Server 2022 is now generally available – Microsoft SQL Server Blog.

LinkedIn article on Microsoft Azure Messaging options

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Well, this time I thought to post on another platform and this time was an article on LinkedIn. My first article on LinkedIn to be exact.

My main goal is to give an overview of the option and the services and why to pick one versus the other.

This period I’m delivering a course on AZ-305, Azure Architecutre, and though to share some of the ideas that we introduce in there.

So, check it out, and let me know what you think!



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